A few changes

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It’s been a pretty busy six months or so, with some milestones achieved for us …..


UK’s Top 100 B2B consultancies

B2B Marketing Top 100 UK B2B marcomms agency 2019 logo

We were pretty chuffed to make it into the Top 100 from B2B Marketing, coming in at 92 and being the best performing agency of our size. That’s not bad for a company that’s not even 3 years old! There are some great businesses in the Top 100 to inspire us and give us something to aim for.


New full-time team member 

Charles Jacobsohn

Charles joined us in February and has made an immediate impact with his design capabilities as well as his writing skills. To differentiate front-end from back-end development for a blog piece, he chose to use the analogy of a restaurant to help the reader to understand not only the difference but the working relationship between the two. And that was the first piece of content he’d ever produced for a client. You can read it here



56 Degrees

Our SEO partner Thomas Schonenberger introduced us to a new client, web developers 56 Degrees. We’re supporting them with a content marketing programme which, despite the early days, is already having an impact with leads increasing by 25% in the first 6 weeks of the campaign. In addition to content creation, we’re also undertaking social sharing, media relations and lead generation tactics. This work obviously supports the SEO work that Thomas is undertaking, vying for visibility in the highly competitive field of web development.


Segmentation research completion

We have just completed a significant piece of qualitative and quantitative research for a client in the construction sector, looking to identify opportunities in the specification process for their specialist products. We wouldn’t want to give away their newly found competitive advantage by revealing who it is as finding out the behaviours and influencing factors of your target audiences can be hugely beneficial. In addition to reporting on the outputs of the research, we also benchmarked the sales teams’ preconceptions, developed target audience personas, identified endorser opportunities, created tailored messaging and ranked communications channels to focus efforts. We look forward to seeing the benefits of the insights impacting the ROI of the marketing campaigns.


CIM Fellowship

The Chartered Institute of Marketing LogoCharlotte has just been accepted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is working towards Chartered Marketer status.



Security Sessions

Whilst the Chartered Institute of Marketing has a construction group, there is no specialist group for Security and we think it’s about time that was addressed so we have created Security Sessions, for companies involved in security marketing. Through this group we also see benefits in networking with peers as well as having educational contributions from specialists in, for example, SEO, digital transformation, marketing automation or video creation to ensure all our knowledge remains as up to date as possible.

We got some great participants from installers, integrators, manufacturers and distributors including Integrated Design Limited, TDSi, Oprema and Dahua, to name a few.

If there is anyone in the industry you think would be good to invite, do let us know as hopefully the meetings will also create opportunities to explore partnerships and mutually beneficial projects.