Case Study: 56 Degrees – web content and content marketing

Want to become more visible but don’t have immediate access to a large audience? The learnings from this case study should help…..

We’ve been working on a project with web development agency, 56 Degrees, since January this year, initially looking at web content for their own forthcoming website refresh, and subsequently have been creating and sharing content on their behalf since February.

56 Degrees, based in Wimbledon, was set up 10 years ago by Jakub Mysona and has grown steadily since then, creating, developing and migrating websites.  Clients include B2C brands like Kettle Chips, Giff Gaff and Budweiser as well as B2B clients like building consultancy Hamson Barron Smith, and Surrey and London based architects, PRP.

Web development is a highly competitive area, with 215,000,000 results being returned for a Google search of ‘web developer London’. Our initial brief centred around potentially providing PR support, to gain greater visibility. However, with this volume of competition, we advised that there is a difficulty in creating media opportunities and, in the first instance, there were channels open to 56 Degrees that were being underutilised, and it was these that should be our first priorities.

These were the ‘self-publishing’ elements of a blog and social channels.

And to be fair, it’s an approach that has paid off so far.

Google Analytics increase

The chart above shows the impact that these tactics can have (the orange line is before content creation and sharing, and the blue line is after).

Unusually, but fantastically, Jakub had already set up Conversion Goals in his Google Analytics, which meant we are able to make a before and after comparison. And doing this shows that there are 165% more goals achieved (in this case, completed contact forms) than there were before we started.

This rise has come about not only from an increase in traffic but also from converting more visitors into potential customers, as seen in a 75% rise in conversion rate.

How have these results been achieved?

By creating and sharing content that is of value to potential customers and design partners. By being more visible in Google search results through creating content featuring relevant keywords. By showing search engines that the 56 Degrees website is a site that’s up to date by creating regular new content to be uploaded. By thinking strategically about how to overcome some of the limitations.

One limitation was the reach of the 56 Degrees social channels. The company page on LinkedIn had 8 followers. The Twitter channel had just over 100 followers. There was no active database for a newsletter. None of these things were that surprising since the company’s focus had, quite rightly, been on servicing their own customers and ensuring maximum attention was given to them. But at some point, every company needs to ensure that its new business pipeline is full of prospects.

So, we had to find ways to reach outside the ‘opted-in’ followers. We have done this very effectively through identifying hashtags on both platforms that get engagement and will take us to audiences beyond their own. In the past month, tweets have had a reach of 17,000 – not bad for an account with only 160 followers to date! We’ve also taken advantage of Twitter hours, for example #weddinghour, creating content specially aimed at wedding suppliers who might feel their website could be in need of some improvement.

Scrolling webpage on macbook

On LinkedIn, after initially posting through the company page, we switched to posting on Jakub’s behalf to his own profile, where he has more than 500 connections. This move has also enabled us to post to LinkedIn’s own self-publishing platform where the use of hashtags again has enabled 56 Degrees to be found far outside its own initial reach.

Having noticed, through Google Analytics, that Facebook was a good referrer of traffic, we started sharing posts here as well. And even though Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t favour non-advertisers, it continues to be a good source of traffic.

Jakub introduced us to Clutch, an agency directory which he had signed up to previously. We made some changes to his profile, including project profiles and adding introductory content, and have also seen a 75% increase in referrals from here.

We are enjoying working alongside Jakub and the developers at 56 Degrees, not least of all because of the shared understanding of agency life! But it’s great to be able to demonstrably drive traffic and increase leads for a business that deserves success. We will continue to work to make them as visible as possible.