What does your homepage say about you?


Having admired their work for a while, it was a real joy when we were invited by Yoyo Design to provide content support for their work on a new project win.

With their work for the RNLI justifiably attracting significant attention, Yoyo were tasked with helping another major UK charity to redesign their homepage to improve navigation and engagement.  We were brought in to support their in-house brand strategists, designers and developers with content strategy.

Having participated in stakeholder workshops and a strategy session at the charity’s HQ, we worked with Yoyo to filter the organisation’s objectives for their homepage and delivered guidance on how the charity should use this valuable space to communicate effectively and create a clearly structured content hierarchy.  Supporting the hard-working digital team at the charity was a privilege and we are looking forward to seeing the transformation when the homepage is put live in the coming months.

With this recent work in mind, here are a few things for you to think about in relation to your own homepage…

Could your homepage be improved?

When was the last time you looked at your web stats?

Indeed have you ever or do you just rely on your agency to do it for you?  Ever heard the phrase ‘lies, lies and damn statistics’?  Analytics can be cut in many different ways and can be used to confuse and befuddle so make sure you are getting a clear picture.  Understanding these will give you vital pointers about what could be improved about your homepage.  Creating heatmaps will show you the most popular sections, often unveiling some surprising insights.

How confident are you that visitors are easily able to navigate to their destination?

Uncovering what people do from that first click is key to understanding how effective your homepage is, but almost more important is the second click.  It’s one thing to see where they are intending to go, but what happens after that shows you whether your homepage is in fact directing them to where they wanted to go, or just where you thought they wanted to go.

Does their primary destination echo your business objectives?

You might be getting lots of visitors to the site, but you will only know if they are valuable if you see whether their primary destination is one which supports your business objectives.  If everyone is going to see the news story about the guy in sales who is running the marathon dressed as a lobster, they might be missing the information about the newly introduced customer service pledge.  Which story is more valuable to your business objectives?

How are you using language to motivate?

Using language effectively is critical.  You have a small space so make it work hard.  Stimulate micro-emotions, be economical but effective, choose clarity over kerfuffle.

What do your visuals say about your company?

Using stock images might have been a good choice when you created your site a couple of years back, but with a small investment in bespoke photography you can really elevate and refresh an existing site.  Similarly, investing in some design work to bring to life a complex process might have been beyond your budget previously, but now could elevate you to whole new customer set.

We’d love to take a look for you and see if there are ways in which improvements can be made, to a homepage or to your site as a whole.  Give us the nod and we’ll give your site a free audit so you can see how it is performing.