March 24, 2016

Content Creation for B2B Companies

content creation

Creation of great, reliable content on a consistent basis is key in lead generation – whether that’s for blogs, tweets, LinkedIn updates, brochures, press releases or videos.  Founded in a content strategy that’s bespoke to your needs, we ensure that the right content is optimised to motivate your audiences.

Our approach to creating compelling content is to ensure we understand your audiences fully.  That’s because experience has shown us that you need to really know who you are writing for to be able to draw in a reader so that you can deliver well-crafted key messages which show that you are customer-focused.  Not understanding your audience is one of the key failings in content programmes, and it’s the reason why your nicely updated blog just isn’t making the difference it should be to key indicators such as time on site, page views, visitor numbers, search engine rankings and, critically, lead generation.

We’ve created content for a wide variety of sectors – mining, geotechnical monitoring, retailer education, security, interior design, education, healthcare, travel, FMCG, to name but a few – and seen the impact that good content can have on websites, press releases, social media engagement, exhibition stands and the like. There is no such thing as a ‘boring niche’ in our book, despite what others might think.  Instead we are constantly amazed at the novel, innovative, fascinating ways that businesses approach solving a customer’s problem, and that is what drives us to create interesting content on their behalf.

Creating great content is a skill, but ensuring that it gets its best opportunity to hit the mark is an entirely different one. For more info on this, see our page on Digital Marketing, or get in touch to find out how we can help your business.