March 24, 2016

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital media is a key marketing tool and making use of it correctly will positively impact on your lead generation capabilities.  We take care of strategy, creation and implementation, working with you to uncover what your audiences need to know to turn them into customers.

The web plays a critical role in people’s buying habits, with online research prior to purchase now being a standard even in B2B decisions.  Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of different routes to raising your profile, from social channels, publishing platforms, pay-per-click advertising, display advertising, chat forums, mobile marketing ….. the list is long and the choices are many.  So, it’s critical to partner with communications advisers that understand all the options and can recommend which ones best serve your needs within your budget.

Favouring method over madness – and data over assumption – we take an analytical approach to digital marketing. We like to maximise the chances of success by seeking out the LinkedIn groups or Twitter hashtags that attract your customers, or reviewing the data to work out when is the best time of day, or day of the week to send an eshot that will have an optimal impact on your web stats.  Rather than take a punt with your digital marketing budget, we believe in testing and reviewing so that you get the best value for your investment. And we do it because it works – by understanding your audience’s habits we can improve your newsletter opens or social engagement, and that makes it worthwhile.

You can find out how digitally savvy you are here or you can just give us a call and see what approach we’d take to improving your digital presence.