Identifying a new distribution channel through customer research

Aliaxis was seeking to get confirmation of their understanding of their Marley brand audience to help shape communications with this group as well as inform product development. Through conducting an extensive customer research project, Morton Waters discovered an untapped distribution channel and provided insight to inform an ongoing marketing strategy.

“Their insights saved us wasting money in the wrong areas, and opened up new perspectives for the sales teams.”

Samantha Park, Marketing Manager, Aliaxis Building Solutions

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, the research identified:

  • Customer needs to get their job done
  • What customers value in a supplier/manufacturer
  • Mapped digital behaviours
  • Outlined individual roles and priorities in a buying chain
  • Gathered open and honest service and product feedback
  • Identified new opportunities in the marketplace


The insights gleaned were presented in a variety of formats, including creation of audience personas, customer journey maps to illustrate the entire customer experience – highlighting areas where improvements
could be made and allowing for a deeper understanding of Aliaxis’ customers’ purchasing journeys – and provision of top-level recommendations for future communications and marketing activities.